I have been with your company over 5 years. When I push the emergency neck pendant everyone in the monitoring center is very friendly and extremely helpful. I had to use the service several times over the last few years and it gives me a very comfortable feeling knowing that I can just push a button and get help. I am almost 90 years old and live by myself. Thank you so much for your service.

Rhonda, G California

I FELL AGAINST MY NIGHT TABLE, INJURING MY HIP. I PRESSEDTHE BUTTON ON MY WRIST AND THE Chaperone operator answered immediately. She notified my neighbor who came over right away. Shortly after that the paramedics arrived to take me to the hospital for x-rays. Fortunately nothing was broken, and they gave me some pain killers to comfort me. Thank you very much Chaperone for all of your help. My daughter is very grateful that I have this service.

Elizabeth , A Tennessee

I found my wife lying on the bathroom floor . I pressed her emergency button and the Chaperone operator walked me through to see if my wife was breathing. So I did as he instructed. He told me to stay with him and help was on the way. Within 10 minutes, the ambulance arrived to help my wife. Thank God for the Chaperone operator, he kept me calm and I am grateful that he stayed with me during this incident. Thank you

Robert, J. Washington

I was dressing to go out into the garden to plant some flowers. I lost my balance, began to step backwards, and couldn’t stop or catch my balance. I fell crashing into my dresser , cutting the corner of my eye. I was on my knees unable to get up to call for help. I just couldn’t get up. I was bleeding very heavily. I grabbed a napkin to press over the cut but the blood still came pouring out. I pressed the Chaperone button and a loud voice came through the speaker in the medical alert asking me if I needed help. I told her what happened and she said the ambulance will be there shortly. She stayed on the speaker until the paramedics were there and she than disconnected from the unit. They took me to the hospital for stitches. I never wanted to wear this button, but I am glad I was wearing it that day.It saved my life.

Thank you for your great service.

Lizzie, A. Pennsylvania

I fell twice that day due to a new medication I started taking. I became very ill and started to throw up.
I started to panic so I pushed the emergency necklace button and within 5 minutes Chaperone got the ambulance to help me.
Chaperone notified my doctor as well, and he met the ambulance in the emergency room. I was released under my doctors care. Thank you Chaperone for all your help.

Yuri, S. Michigan

I was having atrial fibrillation episode when I pressed the button. I told the Chaperone operator what I was feeling and she called for help. She stayed with me on the system talking to me until help arrived.

The operator was very kind and very comforting. The EMS helped me and I did not need to go to the hospital. Thank you for this type of service.

Piaa , M. New Mexico

Your non emergency service is excellent. I am 87 years old and my husband passed several months ago. Every morning he would bring in the newspaper which is delivered and left at the end of the driveway. I use a walker and I am not very strong on my feet. Whenever I am not feeling well, I press my help button, and the Chaperone operator monitors me while I go outside to get the paper. When I come back inside, I tell them I am ok . I don’t know what I would do without this service. Thank you for your friendly caring support.

Rose, B. New York

I recently moved into an assisted living facility. I cancelled your service before I moved thinking that there are people there to help me if I fall. I realized that I needed your service after I fell on my way to the bathroom late one evening. I was unable to get to the phone to call the front desk for help. I guess I made a mistake by giving up your service .I was on the floor for over an hour before an attendant heard my call for help.
I have renewed my service with Chaperone to avoid this from ever happening again. You helped me many times over the past 5 years and I recommended Chaperone to several of my friends who still use your service.
Thank you Chaperone for always being there for me.

Wanda, k. Texas

I wanted to let you know that your service works. My grandson was visiting me and cooked dinner for both of us. He is an excellent chef. However, he went out for the evening and left the pot on the stove with the fire turned low.
When I got up to go to the bathroom that evening my kitchen was filled with black smoke.
I immediately pressed the Chaperone emergency button and told the operator my house is on fire.
She said get out of there at once and within minutes the fire department arrived to put out the fire.
I was very lucky to have your service, the operator kept me from panicking and freezing in my tracks.

Thank you for this great service.

Frank, S. California