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CHAPERONE Fall Detection Sensor

The CHAPERONE Fall Detection Sensor is a self contained, battery operated,- wireless fall sensor, worn on the body of the protected person. It is designed to detect falls, abnormal body movements, or extended periods of inactivity and automatically summon assistance without end-user intervention. It was developed to provide seamless 24-hour protection. The sensor and its wireless radio transmitter are enclosed in an inconspicuous, attractive, wearable housing about the size of a small ladies compact (only 2.25 inches high and 0.57 inches thick). 

Unlike the current generation of emergency summoning devices, the CHAPERONE Fall Detection Sensor will AUTOMATICALLY call for help when either a fall or an abnormal period of no motion/inactivity suggests that an emergency condition exists. The device also has a manually activated button for summoning help.

The Fall Detection Sensor employs a microcomputer that is programmed to distinguish between falls and normal movement, even if that movement involves shocks such as dropping into a chair, walking with a heavy gait, or descending stairs. False activations are extremely rare, EVEN WHEN DROPPED!

Because the device uses accelerometers rather than mercury switches it can be worn in bed. There are no limitations or restrictions on its use and there is no "wrong way" to wear it.

Standard Features Include:
• Attractive, dignified, small, wearable design
• Automatic and manual activation button for summoning of help
• LED for visual confirmation of activation
• Reversible belt clip prevents access to manual activation button for the cognitively challenged
• Automatic low battery reporting and operational supervision
• End-user replaceable battery