BELLE Medical Alert



Introducing Belle Medical Alert, Chaperone’s mobile medical alert pendant. For help in your home and when you leave your home. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This lightweight, shower-proof pendant uses the AT&T 3G cellular network to place emergency calls from both inside and outside your home. After pressing the call button you’ll be connected to a Chaperone operator within moments who will ask you what type of help is needed. Perhaps it’s a simple fall, and you need help getting back on your feet. The operator can call a friend or neighbor to assist you.  If your medical emergency is more elaborate, the operator will call an ambulance, or the appropriate emergency service personnel required.


  1. Press and hold Belle’s call button until the call light turns blue.
  2. Belle Medical Alert will start ringing. The call is now being placed to the Chaperone  emergency operator.
  3. Operator will answer the call by asking if you are OK.
  4. Chaperone’s emergency operator can send any help you may need inluding emergency services such as the fire department , Police,or an Ambulance, or  contact a friend or family member on your behalf.

Belle is always on and ready to send immediate HELP 24/7 wherever you may be. You may test Belle as often as you would like! There is no additional charge to test the unit.


Belle’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days per charge. Follow the below steps to recharge:

  1. Plug charging cradle into electrical outlet.
  2. Place Belle in charging cradle.
  3. Keep Belle on charger for three hours to fully charge battery.

NOTE: Charge Belle immediately upon receiving the device to ensure you have a full battery.

Chaperone’s monitoring Center will send Text message and/or email notifications to inform you or a contact when it’s time to charge. Chaperone will send you all the necessary forms to setup these notifications, please contact customer support at 888-210-1515 to place your order for Belle


  • Mobile protection and coverage for both inside and outside the home
  • Battery lasts up to 30 days on a single charge The built in Battery charge indicator light will let you know when Belle needs to be charged.
  • Works anywhere in U.S. with available AT&T 3G cellular coverage
  • High quality built in powerful loud speaker and microphone
  • Hearing AID compatable
  • Shower-safe –Light weight- Easy to use
  • No price increases or long-term contracts to sign, GUARANTEED
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Free lockbox
  • Pendant worn on necklace only

MONTH TO MONTH BILLING @ $29.95 monthly

There is a one-time AT&T SIM CARD CELLULAR ACTIVATION FEE @ $30.00

ONLY $59.95 TO GET STARTED. CALL 888-210-1515

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