Automatic Fall Detection System GPS

Automatic Fall Detection System GPS & Medical Alert Buttons

Active and on- the- go? Try Chaperone’s GPS Automatic Fall Detection Mobile Solution

Whether you’re travelling across the country or running errands around town, our mobile solution goes where you go. Get immediate help if you fall, even if you are unable to push the pendants help medical alert button.

Easy to use and Reliable

Chaperone’s Mobile Automatic Fall Detection Medical Alert gives you the freedom to use your device both inside and outside of the home. Automatic Fall Detection means our operators will contact you via two-way voice after a fall, whether you are able to push the connect button or not. With GPS-capabilities and cellular-enabled coverage through the AT&T network, Chaperone’s lightweight pendant can be worn clipped onto a belt or belt loop, or worn as a pendant around the neck. This tiny device may just end up saving your life !

The Chaperone Mobile Medical Alarm also automatically alerts the user and monitoring station if the battery needs to be charged. All medical alert devices come with our state-of-the-art 24 hour monitoring service!

Medical Alert Button

Chaperone’s Automatic Fall Detection medical Alert is the newest, most technically advanced  GPS Automatic Fall Detection mobile medical alert on the market today.  With great battery life, 36 hours between charges, simple operation, and a sophisticated fall detection algorithm. One medical alert button connects you to our professional monitoring center  24/7 no matter where you are. Unlike other systems that have multiple pendants for inside or outside the house, Chaperone’s medical alert buttons, only has one neck pendant to wear  preventing confusion. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to remove it in the shower or bath, where many accidents take place. It uses both GPS and cellular info to locate you for emergency responders if you’re unable to tell the monitoring center your location. When help is needed, and the pendant is activated either automatically when you fall, or by pressing the emergency medical alert button, our emergency operator talks to you through the pendants built in microphone and loud speaker. Our operator will identify what type of HELP is needed – Ambulance-Police-Fire Fighters- or a friend or neighbor to assist you in getting up from a fall.  Our emergency operators will stay on the call with you until help has arrived. For individuals with a history, risk, or fear of falling, Chaperone’s automatic fall detection medical alert  can be an excellent choice.

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Month to Month Billing @$39.95 Monthly there is a one time AT+T sim cards cellular activation fee @$30.00 only $69.95 to get started + thereafter, system charges will be $39.95 per month. NEED HELP DECIDING? Gives us a call, and we’ll help you determine which one of our medical alert systems is best for your needs… No high pressure sales tactics ever at Chaperone.

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